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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Paranormal Activities may be no more in a couple weeks

It's been a long time since I've regularly posted here on Paranormal Activities, the main reasons for this is I lost the passion and action to keep blogging about the paranormal. I had no shortage of vision for where I wanted to go, but without the passion and action nothing was going to ever get done.

Now it's that time of year where I need to renew my hosting and I'm disappointed to say that I just can't afford to renew it, so I'm going to let this incarnation of Paranormal Activities go.

Where to from here, well I'm in the process of moving all posts from Wordpress over to good old blogger, minus all the great comments everyone has made, which is a shame, I couldn't find a way to move comments as well as posts. When that's done and my hosting runs out, I'm hoping to move the domain over to blogger as well, so Paranormal Activities should still be alive, just not in the form you see now.

If the site goes down in the meantime I will be keeping everyone updated over at My Paranormal Life.

Thanks everyone for the support over the years, maybe one day I'll get the bug back, but hey, there really isn't a shortage of great paranormal bloggers out there to keep y'all satisfied.

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