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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Zooming the Moon at Night, Testing out my camera

So I looked out my window the other night and noticed a pair of red blinking lights moving erratically side to side coming towards my house, I thought this is it, a UFO sighting. So I rushed and grabbed my camera, hoofed it outside and noticed the sound, it was just a plane, but it was still moving strangely. I don't know what was causing the the plane to appear to be moving oddly, but it sure didn't look like a plane, maybe it was the clouds interfering some how.

Then I noticed the moon, so I thought I'm outside already, may as well film the moon. I took two videos that night, the one below and a second one I still have to upload. In the second one I captured a plane, and it sure does look like a lot of UFO videos shot at night seen on Youtube.

Not the best quality, to bright, but I forgot to adjust the white balance, so next time I film the moon hopefully it'll be full of moonly detail.


  1. Wicked cam , now that is what some of the other UFO hunters needs to get!

  2. Hey Skunk, I'm still practicing with it, slowly figuring out how to film lights in the sky with it, as for ghost hunting, I don't think it's to good alone, will need to get an external light and some beefed up IR, to bad I ain't got no dosh.


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