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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Triangular UFO Video From Russia

From All News Web "...All agree that it is too large to be a kite and the consensus leans towards a military craft."

Well I'm finding it hard to gauge how big the object is in this video, looks like a kite to me, if you watch carefully you'll see a bird fly by. The videos a little choppy or could the object be blinking?


  1. Watch The Othersiders!! Its an entertaining show that’s on Cartoon Network Wednesday at 9pm. And if you like the show join our group on Facebook!

  2. A lot of those Russian videos are pretty disappointing. This looks like either a kite or a hang glider, there's just not enough resolution to the video to be sure.

    My favorites of late were the hole over Moscow, which now seems to have been a hoax since no one but the people filming it actually got a picture, out of all the people who would have seen it had it been real. And the next favorite, the glowing meteorite in a crater in Siberia somewhere. Big hole with the remains of a campfire in the bottom, at night.


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