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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yellow Top Bigfoot Video

This is from awhile ago and I won't be getting into it to much, just thought I'd post it because if it is faked, then the hoaxers did a great job on the costume.

Said to have been filmed just outside of Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park the video shows what looks like bigfoot, a kind of small one.

Here's a couple links related to this footage.
Yellow Top Sightings - This is the website of those who uploaded the videos to youtube.
Cryptomundo - Cryptomundo digs a little deeper.

'Colorado's Yellow Top Bigfoot - AMAZING FOOTAGE!'

'ENHANCED FOOTAGE of Colorado's Yellow Top Bigfoot'


  1. Big Foot's got a big ole butt! oh yeah!

  2. The Patterson film bigfoot has a big bum bum as well, what bothers me about that one is it doesn't seem to sway.

    Looking at this yellow top one again I can't help the feeling that a person in bulky, tight, dark fitting clothing could look very much like this.

  3. Where is the rest of the video? Why were they filming birch trees? Not buying this one.

  4. yah that is a big ol booty! :D

  5. Yea, I ain't buying it either, just thought I'd put it out there and see if it gets resolved.

  6. Yeah... Definitely not convincing at all. When I first watched it it almost looked like "big foot" looked at the camera person prior to walking off. Just doesn't seem very realistic.

  7. I would have thought this disclaimer would have been on the main page of the Yellow Top Sightings website, but it seems deliberately hidden on the sightings page of the site.

    " is a promotional website for Yellow Top,
    the upcoming short film by Noah Sodano."

    So it looks like mystery solved or could it be another Sylvanic.

  8. They say it has to be a hoax because it was circumcised but I dont know about you but Ive Never seen a real bigfoots genitals so how do we know thats not just what there genitals look like? Remember where talking about a cryptic creature here.


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