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Monday, April 20, 2009

Poll: Declassified British UFO Video

The first video I saw in this series was titled EXCLUSIVE UFO VIDEO just released by UK British Government - Declassified 2009, it looked a little to good to be true to me, so I dug around the users account and found a couple more similar videos. The three videos obviously feature the same couple throughout, they may just be lucky or maybe they're up to something.

So I thought I set-up a poll and let the readers decide.

[poll id="2"]


  1. Hey Rand: I had seen two of the three previously. The voices are all English speaking (American) and not Israeli and British as one would expect. I did go into the channel and saw an Israel Independence day video with the same voice in it so they were in Israel and they do speak English quite well - but not British.

    In regards to the UK video disclosure - there were no videos ever disclosed by the MoD. The only video I ever saw were the two of Dr. David Clarke and that's it. If there were videos disclosed we would have seen them all over The Sun and the rest of the UK publications that were all over disclosure but there were none. So, that makes YouTuber jfrissina a (I'll be nice) fabricator. :)

    It's a coin flip as to what the UFOs actually are but one thing is for sure, no videos came out of the MoD's disclosure.

  2. Hi Atrueoriginall, jfrissina's channels a bit confusing, just watched a few more of their videos and it seems likely that they're just a pair of tricksters, UFOs, the paranormal, shark attacks, very eventful.

    Probably just trying to ride the coat tales of the MoD file release.

    Seems like this fog between reality and illusion is in full force now.

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  4. Just found the same video uploaded by another user a month prior to the user above.


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