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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Girl Possessed while using Ouija Board

I've used a Ouija Board once, nothing happened, though we didn't put a lot of effort into it, probably because if we had something could have happened and we'd be screwed, well that's the thought that pops up in my head every time Ouija is mentioned.

My first impression of the video below was that it looked fantastically authentic, then I read the users profile, she's a filmmaker, bunked already, so why am I posting it? well, it's top notch stuff, I love things that invoke an emotional reaction in me, which this did and not a lot of things on youtube do that for me.

EDIT: Reading through the comments on youtube it looks like the user isn't really giving to much away about the authenticity of the footage, the tone leans toward it being real, so who knows.


  1. When I was a wee person, we used to arrange Scrabble tiles and use an upturned glass.

  2. Anything interesting happen, I never had any strange first hand experience when I did it, don't actually know anyone who has, I've heard plenty of stories of this dudes cousins, boyfriends, sisters friend having a bad experience, but never first hand. Makes me wonder if it's all hype and urban myth.

  3. Not a thing interesting besides kids playing with matches.

  4. one freakey video it just goes to show you do not play with things know nothing about or cannot control

  5. I once played around with a Ouija board with another lady and her daughters. We were in our 30's and I had no reason to 'fake' anything. We were contacted by a man that gave us his full name, date of birth, where he lived, how many children he had, how he died and so forth. It all seemed so real and the names that he gave me were uncommon; nothing we could come up with. Problem was, I tried finding the guy and researching him and nothing panned out. I'm still stumped over it because many times it was me and the other older lady doing it and then other times one of the daughters would switch out with one of us and the conversation would just continue. I never felt like we were forcing the board. Go figure....

  6. i know of someone that got followed after using the ouija board.

  7. Dare you play? - Online Ouija.

  8. Online Ouija, tempting as it might be, I think I'll give it a miss, but I will look at it.

  9. When i was younger i had a number of ecounters with ouija boards and most of the time - paranormal activity did occur.
    One time that really spring to mind is when a friend (who was completely skeptical about anything paranormal) came on the board, It was me, her and 2 other friends that dabble with black magic.
    I was given a pentagram when i was younger by an old gypsy a met on holiday and never took it off as i thought it would be unlucky. That night id taken it off to dye my hair! When we were doing the ouija - the glass started moving uncontrollably round the board anti-clockwise, kept spelling out 6! and my pentagram fell to my feet of the kitched counter! It was spelling out the name of my skeptical friends dead uncle who'd been killed whilst in prison for rape, spelling really upsetting stuff..we were all emotional wrecks, very scared, argumentative, but im still yet to get back on the board! As for the pentagram? Iv never wore it since!

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  14. amazing video. Thanks for sharing. Keep posting.

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  17. dont kidding me, folks!


  18. I was using the weegie board the other day and my gtampa freakd out he said very bad things can happen to you but the outcome is and.nobody belives me I have a friendly polterguist following me


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