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Monday, August 25, 2008

F**k Fox News Chants Protestors

It really says something when a "news" station generates this much anger. The news should be there to report news, not sway the opinions of masses.

I love to watch Fox news, I gets me so worked up, it shouldn't do that, but I guess that's why it's supposedly so popular, it's good entertainment, not news.

*By the way, please excuse the lack of posts, I'll be ready to rock later on today.

Update: Just a few more videos concerning Fox news Griff Jenkins at DNC. I'm loving all the independent footage appearing online, so raw, so real and not encased in a bunch of red white and blue.

Jenkins back at HQ for a run down of the days events, I wonder how many more times he can say "Thugs"

"I'm happy to say I wasn't actually alive in 68 either... yet" What?

And here's some raw independent coverage of the day, loads more of it up on youtube.

Fox Attacked! The Backstory pt 1 to 3


  1. Great catch! Those two vids makes up for 3 posts at least so you're good - he, he

  2. Cheers Atrueoriginall and thanks for all the links from your blogs, I really appreciate it. It's about time I put the blogroll together.



  3. although you hate fox news, you should no the whole story behind this clip... fox went to the protesters to ask them what exactly they wanted, told them that this is the right time to tell people what they're standing up for. these people became "offended" by this and starting to show them the bird and say "f*uck you fox"... fox was simply trying to tell them that this was the opportunity to spread the word of their protest...

    i also understand that you might think fox is entertainment, but to me it's not, it's news. if you're going to say that fox is entertainment because it only shows one party, then you might as well hate cnn and nbc as well.

  4. I think the first clip is the most shocking of the vids I posted above, I can understand what their mission was, but you can't do that while walking against a torrent of people moving in the the opposite direction, the Fox guy should have used some common sense in that situation, or he knew exactly what he was doing.

    I started watching Fox news way before I started blogging, I stopped watching it because it made me so mad, not because of the stories they were reporting but because there was just to much opiniated fluff added to the reporting. When I watch the news all I want is news and not someone telling me how to interpret that news.

    For the most part the only dedicated news channels we get down here are Fox, BBC and Aljazeera. Out of those three, I choose to watch our locally produced news shows, they have local agendas that are pretty transparent and when it comes to global news no real agenda at all.

    I just can't understand why people watch a news network that continually has to make the point that "we're honest, really".

  5. Lol, I just realized I do exactly the same thing as I mentioned in my last comment, I add my opinion to the videos I post. Then again, a news network should know better.


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