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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Drunk again

"You can't always get what you want" some of my family need to realize that, but "come on Eileen" give it a go, just "relax" don't do it, though give us a comment because "you spin me right round" baby right round. Though times haven't even gone past a "Vietnam War song", we haven't learned a thing. I've got the hiccups now but do y'all think we need to "Dream On" maybe even put a little "Sweet Emotion" into it. Why not "Take on me" and we can act like "Billion Dollar Babies", it'll make a change from "Eyes Without a Face".

I've thought "For the Longest time" that "We didn't start the fire" (I know Billy Joel) but it really means "Nothing to me" and I really "Don't worry about a thing" just like a "Buffalo Soldier" and it really "Don't rock my Boat".

Unexpectedly sometimes I do get a "Total Eclipse of the Heart" but not on Mondays, because "I Don't Like Mondays" but it's "More Than a Feeling" and it's "hard to say I'm sorry" though "Don't Cry" "if you Leave me Now" it won't be "Good Enough" just like the "Golden Years".

I feel like I'm "Under Pressure" a lot of the time but if you "Pour Some Sugar on me" I'll be fine just like a "Tiny Dancer" and "Cocaine" it's bloody "Epic" especially "When I Come Around" and I'm "The Passenger" in such situations "I wanna be your dog".

Right, time for me to pass out and on another note what the funk was all that. Well I'll have to ponder that when I wake up tomorrow/today.

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