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Friday, August 8, 2008

Asheville High School Ghost Video

This video shows a shadowy apparition which appears in the halls of Asheville High School, the school doesn't want to alarm the parents or students, they think it's interesting but they say they can't explain the footage either and it seems they want to leave it at that. A paranormal expert claims that it is totally paranormal.

For me there does seem to be something there, no equipment malfunction, it seems to cast a shadow, but it's not consistent. The light source at the very top seems to be in the center of the room and the shadow looks to distort it as it passes, indicating that it may be closer to the camera and not actually passing directly across the doorway as perceived.

Could it be an out of focus moth or the real deal?


  1. So Cool! I believe it's true.
    Is this Ashville NC? I was just there.

  2. Yes, it is Asheville, NC I graduated from this school.

  3. That is just Creasie getting ready for another reunion!

  4. This scares the you know what out of me, and I love it! I start at Asheville High next year, and I can't wait to see if I can get any proof that this thing exsists!


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